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Crazy Chameleons Review

Crazy Chameleons Game Screenshot

Crazy Chameleons is one of the newest innovative slot games available at the Online Casino. Crazy Chameleons is a stimulating and riveting game with vivid graphics and colorful icons; Crazy Chameleons has green and red chameleons lurking among the reels and when they appear, the player is delivered the benefits of the scatter and wild features in the game. If lucky, players of Crazy Chameleons can move into a Golden Goose Bonus round where the rewards for playing Crazy Chameleons grow incredibly huge!

Crazy Chameleons is a fantastic fresh video slot with a lighthearted, cheerful and uplifting seaside vacation theme that incorporates fun in the sun icons like surfboards with scenic beach sea symbols and seagulls. Mixed with chameleons, the reels offer an innovative mixture of fun and mystery: the player never knows when those crazy chameleons are going to crop up on the reels!

The fourth game in a very successful series, Crazy Chameleons is a game that is like the games that have preceded it; games like Genie's Gems, Totem Treasures, and Winning Wizards offer bonus features and Crazy Chameleon has a Golden Goose Bonus feature that players can enjoy.

Crazy Chameleons is a slot that is a five reel, twenty payline game and the game is a 10 coin machine. Players using an additional 5 coins have the chance at the Golden Goose Bonus round; the bonus feature in Crazy Chameleons is actually optional, and when it commences, players will find that there are major benefits in store. With Crazy Chameleons, players will find that merely playing the game gives them a shot at the big jackpot of 5,000 coins or 10,000.00. Of course, to have a shot at the full jackpot, players will need to wager the maximum bet of 200 coins before gaming commences. If the Bonus round is played, the player must wager 250 coins and in doing so, the jackpot increases tremendously; players can win as much as 300,000 coins or 60,000.00 if they opt to play the Golden Goose Bonus and they are really lucky during game play! For a truly unmatched slot gaming experience, players need to look no further than Crazy Chameleons; the game has features that are phenomenally user friendly and the game is humorously themed! A great way to be entertained, Crazy Chameleons is made available at the Online Casino.

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