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Tomb Raider Review

Tomb Rider Game Screenshot

Tomb Raider is a five reel slot game with 15 paylines that can be enabled. The maximum bet in Tomb Raider is 75 coins and the jackpot for the base game is 37,500 coins. Players can win the jackpot in Tomb Raider if they come up with one of 32 prize-winning combinations, and the player has access to a wild symbol, free spins, and two unique bonus games to improve the likelihood of coming up with a winning combination.

Tomb Raider is based on the popular film and video game; and the slot game is themed on the same - players will immediately recognize Lara Croft in this action-packed, adventure-filled slot game created by Microgaming. Tomb Raider allows for players to place a maximum five coin bet on each of the 15 different paylines and thereby maximizes the coin bets to 75 for the entire game. The latter fact does not mean that the player is required to place such a bet; in fact, players can wager as little as the dollar or any denomination in between.

Concise, crisp, vivid, and richly textured graphics bring Tomb Raider to life on the reels. Players will easily spot and recognize the idols made of gold, and exotic tigers in the well-recognized Tomb Raider icons. While the base game delivers an opportunity to win 37,500.00, the free spins deliver up a multiplier equivalent to three times the payout, and the winnings climb rapidly to as much as 112,500.00. In Tomb Raider there is an underground tomb where players get access to 12 different gift providing idols; if a player gets golden bonus idols numbering 3, 4 or 5 on an enabled payline, the latter bonus round is triggered. In some instances, the same bonus round is triggered during free spins and the player receives the rewards that are revealed by the golden idols selected.

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