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No Deposit Casino >> Games Reviews >> Slots >> Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker Review

Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker Review

Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is a fairly new hybrid to be recently added to the Power Video Poker games offered. Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker was newly added to other power poker variations offered at the River Belle Casino, and the game has been found extremely popular among players that admire the 10 Play Power Poker gaming options. The game allows the player to play out four different hands and the game's highest win offers a generous payout ranging up to $100,000.00; the latter winnings are possible if the player places a $100.00 maximum bet and the player achieves a winning hand. The next level of highest payout falls to $64,000.00. Poker players love the notion that the game offers three different 5-of-a-kind types and, as the name of the game suggests, deuces are wild.

Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is a video poker game offering the player a single opponent, the machine, as there are no other players in on the video poker game. As a result, whether the player receives a payout is based upon the strength of the hand that the player has; this makes for a quick and exciting video poker experience. The deuces replace whatever a player needs to make a powerful poker hand, which in turn, gives the player more chances at establishing winning hands.

What's particularly nice about Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is the bonus: players can opt to double winnings by choosing the gamble option offered by the game. The gamble option offers the player a chance to choose a single card that must be higher than a card made visible to the player - the card selection is made by picking one card from five face down cards. If the card during the gamble option is the higher, the player gets double the amount of winnings established from the initial winning hand.

Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker has extraordinary graphics supplied to players through an excellent Viper software application; the software offers players the resources to make gaming an exciting and hassle free experience as there are important player assists and automatic play options to help the player make the most of his or her video poker experience. Like many poker variations, the Bonus Deuces Wild 4 Play Power Poker is carried out with a standard deck containing 52 cards, and players can place bets ranging between 1 and 5 coins for each of the four hands played.

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