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Carnaval Review


The Carnaval slot game offers nine paylines and all of the paylines can be enabled at once if the player uses nine coins. Since there are nine paylines the player of Carnaval immediately increases the opportunity to win with each enabled payline. The game itself consists of five reels, and the game is themed on things one might see or hear at a carnival. The game has a total of eleven different symbols consisting of the higher face card symbols in a standard deck of cards, ten, jack, queen, king and ace respectively, in addition to the banner, Carnival logo, clown, lady, and trumpet symbols. The eleventh symbol is a pair of golden wings that serves as a scatter icon.

Graphically superior and colorful, the Carnaval game offers slot players a matchless gaming experience. The Carnaval slot game's logo serves as a wild in game play, but it does not replace the golden wing scatter symbol during game play. Like some other slot games, the golden wing scatter symbol can show up on any play line, even if the play line is not enabled and the player can win as long as three of the scatter symbols turn up. Further, they do not have to be on a single payline, but can be scattered throughout the nine paylines in the game.

Payouts are given to players that get winning combinations appear on active or enabled paylines and scatter symbol winnings are cumulative, being added to whatever other winning combinations the player earns. Winning combinations consist of anything from two symbols, if the two symbols are the banner, Carnival logo, clown, lady, or trumpet symbols, to three symbols or two symbols in addition to a wild. If the game should malfunction at any time during a play, the play is null and void.

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