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No Deposit Casino >> Games Reviews >> Slots >> Curry in a Hurry Video Slot Review

Curry in a Hurry Video Slot Review

Curry in a Hurry Video Slot

At Fortune Lounge Casinos one will find Curry in a Hurry, a brand new video gaming slot machine that promises a stimulating game experience. Themed on Indian cuisine, the name of the game is derived from curry, which is used in Indian food to make it spicy. The Curry in a Hurry game is a five-reel slot game with a maximum payout of 5000 coins. The game has a 25 payline, and the game has symbols based on Indian cuisine like a van, a curry waiter, as well as symbols related to the higher cards in a standard card deck, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace respectively. There is also a wild and a scatter symbol within the game, increasing the player's likelihood of winning. The maximum jackpot of Curry in a Hurry is an outstanding amount: $90,000.00 goes to the big jackpot winner. In order to win the full jackpot, the maximum bet of $250.00 must be placed before the game commences.

Brightly colored and perfectly formatted, Curry in a Hurry makes for a delightful gaming experience. The waiter symbol is the game's wild symbol, in addition to being a multiplier. While the waiter can replace any of the other symbols in the game, if the waiter works as a multiplier for an assortment of winning combinations, the payout for the game is then doubled. Meanwhile, the curry symbol can appear in the five reels anywhere as a scatter symbol and three of them anywhere tie in with other symbols to make a winning combination.

Curry in a Hurry also offers players a bonus feature, gaining the player a multiplier that can earn the player as much as 15 times the initial winnings - if a total of three curry symbols appear within the five reels, the bonus feature is automatically activated. The bonus feature is a screen that depicts five different Indian dishes, and the player gets to choose three out of the five dishes presented. Every plate provides the player with a number of hot chillies that is then added up to determine the player's winning multiplier. For a red hot, and exciting slot game opportunity, you can begin playing Curry in a Hurry at Fortune Lounge Casinos.

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