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Jewel Thief Review

Jewel Thief

The Jewel Thief slot game is a multi-line game with three reels and three paylines. The game supplies the player with nine winning combinations plus a wild feature and the top payout is 6,000 coins. Players can bet the 3 coin maximum bet or as little as .25 if they choose. Symbols in the Jewel Thief game are a mixture of classic slot symbols: single, double, and triple bars, in addition to a thief and a safe.

Microgaming crafted jewel Thief and the winnings are determined by which paylines are active. Three wild Jewel Thief symbols earns the player the jackpot only if all of the paylines are enabled. Meanwhile, the other symbols in the game can produce a win and the winning amount is not effected by which payline the winning combination appears, as long as the player enables the line.

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