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No Deposit Casino >> Games Reviews >> Slots >> Mark of Medusa Video Slot Review

Mark of Medusa Video Slot Review

Mark of Medusa

Fortune Lounge Casino is proud to offer slot lovers Mark of Medusa video slot, the newest game offered to slot players in cyberspace, one based on Greek myth and exciting adventure! Mark of Medusa utilizes ancient characters derived from Greek Mythology to create an exciting game that promises the player adventurous fun and thrills! Players of Mark of Medusa can choose to bet as little as .01 or .25 and small wagers can lead to significant winnings. Maximum bets can be placed consisting of 125.00 if the player desires.

Symbols in the Mark of Medusa are a combination of figures from Greek myth and the values of playing cards. Scary reptile looking Gorgons, and the mythological flying horse Pegasus, the winged mount of Bellerophon, which was born when Medusa was decapitated, are part of the game. Pegasus later noted as the quickest horse ever born, according to myth Pegasus served the father of the gods, Zeus, by delivering his lightening bolts to him.

Along with Medusa and Pegasus, Cerebus, the three-headed dog that stands sentinel at the gates of Hades, is in the game as well. According the Greek myth, Cerebus ensures that the dead remain in Hades, never allowing them to pass to the physical world, interestingly enough; sweet lullaby music could lull the Hades hound to sleep. Golden helmets, swords, shields, and the Chrysaor are other symbols in the game.

Mark of Medusa is based on ancient themes and, in turn, fused with the latest graphic technology; the game play is smooth, easy, and fast paced with extraordinary graphics offering color and sharp, crisp imagery. Mark of Medusa gives players a chance at multiplying winnings up the three times, and they can also gain anywhere from 15 to 25 spins. The Pegasus symbol serves as a scatter symbol and if a player gets three of them, they get free spins that can help them treble prize winnings! The Medusa with Snake hips is the wild in the game, and more winning combinations are derived from the symbol's appearance.

1500 free, no deposit required Keep your winnings!