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Monster Mania Review

Monster Mania

Monster Mania is an exciting five reel, nine payline video slot game; the machine requires nine coins in order to enable all of the paylines to increase a player's winning potential. A player can activate fewer paylines in Monster Mania, but he or she will need to bear in mind that fewer enabled paylines equates to fewer chances at winning big.

Monster Mania slots has a wild feature that replaces other symbols in the game in order for the player to complete winning combinations; however, the wild symbol does not work as a replacement or substitute for the scatter symbol in the game. Serving as the wild is the Monster symbol, while the scatter symbol is a brain icon. If the brain scatter symbol comes up in any of Monster's Mania's five reels, the player will receive the appropriate payout. Payouts are given to players on enabled paylines only; thus, nine paylines means nine chances of winning cash!

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