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Munchkins Review


Available at Online Casino, slots aficionados will find Munchkins video slots, a game filled with hungry fairytale creatures that offers huge winning potential. Munchkins has five reels, is a 15 payline video slot game and payouts can be huge if the player makes the right call: players have a chance at winning between 75,000.00 and 150,000.00 when playing Munchkins!

Munchkins has a wild and scatter feature, plus a free spin bonus feature that gives players the opportunity to multiply the payout times two! The free spin bonus feature actually delivers to the player 20 free spins which can turn into some cold hard cash quickly!

Munchkins is an eye-catching, colorful game and it is themed on folklore and fairytales. Creatures straight out of myths and legends gobble up objects like socks, keys, and even homework notes! But players need to keep an eye out for the Munchkins: they are hiding away until the games wild symbol turns up to complete a payline: when a wild symbol appears, munchkins are revealed in sets of three. Players should also keep an eye out for cookies as they can set off the free bonus spin feature and it gives the player 20 free spins. What's more, payouts are doubled when the free spins are enabled in the game and there's no rule against getting more free spins from the initial free spins the player wins! The latter fact means that players have significant chances to win a lot of money when playing Munchkins. Finally, if a player really has a taste for risks, he or she can opt to us With the right calls, a little luck, and some time on one's hands, Munchkins is a game that can deliver some tremendous excitement and monetary rewards.

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