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Pub Fruity Slot Review

Based on the atmosphere that one would find inside a popular British pub, Pub Fruity video slots is a game for those slots fans that are looking to get the look and feel of the British pub scene. Pub Fruity slots is a game with beautiful barmaids housed in a public house; the quality of the graphics in this game make a player feel like they are inside the British Pub drinking ale. With a bonus feature, stunning colors and flawless animations, Pub Fruity is the latest in terms of great slots entertainment.

Pub Fruity is a three reel slot game with one payline. With a little skill and a lot of luck, players have a chance at winning big! The symbols in Pub Fruity are themed on the pub and mixed with a variety of fruit symbols. Symbols in the game consist of the Pub Fruity logo, bars, bells, grapes, cherries, Oranges, Lemons and watermelons, and while there are no wilds or scatters in Pub Fruity, there are some interesting bonus features!

A player can enjoy the first bonus feature which pops up on a second screen: the secondary screen is automatically launched when a player comes up with symbols that have an overlaid dart on them. When a player successfully gets three or more dart symbols, Pub Fruity moves into a game within a game feature where the player gets to play a dart competition. Players will be given a chance to select one of three unique avatars, and if the best avatar is selected the player can get a 1000 x multiplier bonus. Second place avatars give the player a 500 x multiplier and the final avatar will deliver a 100 x multiplier.

Pub Fruity also offers players alternative means for winning prizes. Pub Fruity has a cash ladder, also called a drink trail, which allows player to stop and hold symbols where they appear. If the reels appear adjacent to a numeral that is near any of the symbols then a player can successfully move their position on the lapper board the total of the number that appears. For instance, if a reel stops and shows a total of three symbols that are not part of a winning combination and a single one of those symbols presented the number one adjacent to it, and another of the three symbols had a two on it, then a Pub Fruity player would be moved three places along the drink trail.

Employing stunning color graphics and outstanding sound effects, Pub Fruity successfully captures the ambience and the atmosphere of a British Pub, and with a total of nine winning combinations the player of Pub Fruity holds a significant chance of winning some significant cash! Players are allowed to place minimum bets of .10 or maximum bets of 10.00.

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