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No Deposit Casino >> Games Reviews >> Slots >> The Gee Gees AWP Slot Review

The Gee Gees AWP Slot Review

The Gee Gees AWP Slot

At the Fortune Lounge Casino, players can access Gees Gees AWP slots: a three reel slot game with one payline! Based on English pub fruit machines, Gees Gees AWP slots is humorously themed and promises players hours of fun and laughter. Players need only to visualize the seventies with wild colored jump-suits, the disco rage, big medallions and seventies music to get a good idea about the Gees Gees AWP slots theme!

Gees Gees AWP slots has stunning animations that ensure the player will remain entertained throughout game play. Players will require a lot of skill and a touch of luck in order to win with Gees Gees AWP slots, but the winnings could mean that the player brings home 20,000.00 or more! Plus, multipliers promise to give players huge payouts when they appear!

Gees Gees AWP slots partners slot adventure and excitement with hold and nudge features on a classic lapper board. The latter fusion of elements causes the player to rely on skill more as they play. Reels reveal numerical overlays: the overlays cause a player's position to move along a trail in seven positions. What's nice about the latter feature is that a Gees Gees AWP slot has a hold over feature where a player's position can be held and can be transferred over to the next game. The famous seventies disco balls offer players huge payouts in Gees Gees AWP slots: when they appear, players may receive a 2000 times multiplier if the maximum 10.00 bet is placed before the game commences. A 250x multiplier is served up by the melon symbols in Gees Gees AWP slots, and finally, if red sevens should appear in the reels, players will get a 50 times multiplier!

The Gees Gees AWP slots lapper board also includes ten unique features where players get to work their way around the lapperboard in search of a Cashpot or two stacks to get nudges and other features. Various titles appear where the player can gain rewards: players should keep an eye out for things like "Money, Money, Money," or "You Win Again," which are titles that will increase the value of winnings!

Gees Gees AWP slots give players a "wealth" of opportunity at wealth, and can be played at the Fortune Lounge Casinos!

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