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No Deposit Casino >> Games Reviews >> Slots >> Zany Zebra Review

Zany Zebra Review

Zany Zebra

Zany Zebra slots is a multiline, three reel slot game with five paylines. Eleven winning combinations plus a wild can be employed to win the Zany Zebra Jackpot of 6,000 coins. Players will have the most winning potential in Zany Zebra if they decide to enable all of the paylines the game offers. Among the features in the game, Zany Zebra has a wild feature where the zebra wild symbol replaces missing symbols when the player needs a symbol to create a winning combination.

The paylines work on a ascending pay schedule so in order to be eligible for the top jackpot all five paylines must be enabled in Zany Zebra. The first payline serves up 1,000 coins, the second, 2,000, the third 3,000, the fourth 4,000 and the fifth line jumps to 6,000 coins in terms of rewards when a player comes up with the winning lucky combination.

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