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American Roulette Review

American Roulette

American Roulette is different than European Roulette because the wheel and the table have an extra number of double zero in American Roulette This statistically raises the house edge slightly, but over a long time of play it makes a big difference in the money the house wins. The game itself is rather easy to play. The player makes a bet or bets on the table and the croupier spins the wheel and puts a white ball in play on the wheel in an opposite direction. When the ball falls into a numbered space on the wheel, the players who have selected that number win their bets. Several players can play the game at one time and each player can make a bet from a large group of bets that are available in roulette.

The payoffs in American Roulette are as follows: A winning bet on a single number pays 35 to one. A split bet on two numbers pays 17 to one. A street Bet pays 11 to one. A square bet pays 8 to one. A five number line bet pays 6 to one. A six number line bet pays 5 to one. A column bet pays 2 to one. A dozen bet pays 2 to one. Even money bets like red and black pay one to one.

Betting examples are a single number bet and win would pay back 35 chips plus the one you bet for a total of 36 chips. If the bet is three chips on a dozen bet and it wins the pay back would be six chips plus the three bet for a total of 9 chips.

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