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Craps Review


Craps when played properly has the lowest house edge of any game that is offered by a casino except Blackjack when played by a card counter. The object of Craps is to throw the seven when it can help you and do not throw it when it can hurt you. There are a variety of bets that can be made at a dice table. Some make sense and some are sucker bets. The big six and eight are not good bets. The pass line and the come line are solid bets. The don't pass or don't come are also solid bets. The time to play either set of these bets depends on how the table is trending. If the table is favoring the shooter, the pass and come bets are in play. If the shooters are crapping out consistently then the don't bets should be played. All of the prop bets have high odds against them and should only be played when the table is favorable to the players. Playing the place bets or buying the four and the ten are also good bets on a favorable table games.

The payoffs for any total for the two dice depends on how many ways there are to make the number out of a total of 36 combinations.

A player would be wise to practice at craps before risking serious money.

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