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Aces and Faces Review

Aces and Faces

As a video poker aficionado you are probably seeking a game that delivers some serious play as well as some fast action. If that is the case, you need look no further than Aces and Faces: a video poker game that has a huge payout potential of 100,000.00 for lucky winners.

Aces and Faces is a game that has 50 Play capabilities. You can play up to 50 hands simultaneously and each of the hands dealt to you is dealt from a different and independent pack of cards. Supported by a Viper platform, Aces and Faces has autohold capabilities, and delivers tools to you that allow you to analyze plays. Determine odds and permutations instantly and strengthen the power behind your poker playing decisions when you play Aces of Faces. In addition, Aces of Faces is a game that offers you the chance to define your playing budget – you will have no need to worry about becoming an overzealous bidder when playing Aces and Faces.

The first highest jackpot in the game is 4,000 coins, and the second highest jackpot has 3,000 coins in Aces and Faces. Betting flexibility is offered when you play and the game is extraordinarily user friendly. Aces and Faces video poker is played like a standard video poker game except there are better payouts for four Aces or any four of kind face cards. The payout for the four of a kind raises the payout percentage. The game is a 50-hand play with a max payout of 4000 coins. A player can wager one to five coins per hand. The second largest payout is 3000 coins. If a max bet is made per hand the jackpot could be $100,000.00

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