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All American Video Poker Review

All American Video Poker

All American Video Poker is a poker game that is fast paced and exhilarating, delivering the adrenalin rush that poker players seek. When a poker player plays All American Video Poker they get one hand dealt from a standard fifty-two-card deck. The game is further supported by a Viper platform and delivers up excellent gaming technology.

All American Video Poker give players autoplay features, player assists, tools for odds and permutation analysis and more. Players can also set up a budget that suits them for playing All American Video Poker. The jackpot in All American Video Poker is 4,000 coins and the second place jackpot falls to 1,000 coins. Players can bet anything from one to five coins when they play All American Video Poker and the wagering flexibility makes it a game suitable for any bankroll. If a player places the maximum bet in All American Video Poker they have a shot at winning a huge payout of 20,000.00. All American Video Poker has many nice features that are in place when playing this single deck video poker game. The maximum payout is 4000 coins, which could be $20,000 if the wager was five coins. The coins can range in value from 0.25 to 5.00. The extra features of this game include autohold. Tables of analyzed permutations that help the player make better decisions. In addition, among the many interesting feature is the ability for the player to set wins and loss stops based on the credits in the machine.

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