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Deuces and Joker Review

Deuces and Joker

What is different about Deuces and Joker is that the game has 53 cards rather than the 52 cards one would find in a traditional deck of playing cards. Of course, in the game, the Joker and Deuces are wild and thereby increase a players chance at creating winning hand combinations. The Deuces and Joker game is played with a 53-card deck that includes the wild card Joker. The deuces are also wild in this game. Both the joker and the four deuces can be used to replace any card to make a winner. The wild cards are automatically figured for replacing the needed card. The max payout is 2000 to one for five wild cards. Other payouts are 800 to one for a Natural Royal Flush and 25 to one for four Natural deuces.

Deuces and Joker video poker has betting flexibility and players can wager anything from .25 to 10.00 if they desire. If the player places the maximum bet they increase the winning payout when winning hands are formed. Players that engage in Deuces and Jokers is going to want to try and obtain four deuces because such a hand delivers a powerful payout – 10000 coins to be exact, that is, if the maximum bet has been placed. Five coin bets are therefore recommended when playing Deuces and Jokers, but players can still benefit from wagering less and achieving the same hand.

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