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Double Joker Poker Review

Double Joker Poker

Double Joker Poker is a little unique – offering an interesting variation to the standard poker game. Double Joker Poker is a game where a player is dealt four hands, all of which are completely identical. The deck that is used in Double Joker Poker contains 54 cards rather than 52 cards, the two additional cards being jokers as the name of the game suggests. The jokers in Double Joker Poker serve as wild cards and increase the players chances of developing a winning hand in the game: jokers can replace any card in the deck and therefore serve as a way to develop winning hand combinations more readily.

In Double Joker Poker when a player gets a joker in his or her hand the card is automatically give a suit. The latter action increases the probability of getting the maximum payout when and if a winning hand is formed. This version of video poker follows its name of Double Joker Poker and is played with four decks that each has two wild card jokers. Each 54-card deck is used to deal one hand each, so the player has four paylines to win with. The maximum payout is 4000 coins. The wild card jokers, when present, can be used to replace a needed card on a payline and make it a winning line. The hand values are the same as any high poker hand.

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