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Roulette Royale Review

As games of chance go, Roulette Royale is pretty enticing! Roulette Royale, as the name suggests, is a game that utilizes a Roulette wheel and it is a game derived from the standard version of European Roulette. In Roulette Royale, the Roulette wheel possesses different pockets with numbers numbering from zero to thirty-six. A player places a bet on the table and the Roulette Royale wheel begins to spin. When the Roulette Royale wheel ceasing spinning and a ball lands in a numbered pocket, the winner is determined.

A game that relies on the power of prediction, chance, and a little bit of luck, Roulette Royale delivers up an exciting and risk taking game to players that appreciate Roulette and the adrenalin rush it provides! Not a game for the weak hearted, Roulette Royale is a game that challenges the player with a level of risk and excitement unparalleled by other gaming opportunities.

When the player engages in Roulette Royale there is a compulsory bet that is fixed in order to enter the game. When the bet is placed the player than becomes eligible for more payouts, including payouts from the progressive jackpot. The "side bet" at start up is accumulative and later added to the bet the player places before the wheel is spun.

Roulette Royale is played on a standard European roulette wheel with numbers from zero to 36. A player can bet as he would at a roulette table game with an automatic side bet for the progressive jackpot and other smaller payouts. The game is played the same as a standard roulette game with the ball landing in a numbered slot, which determines the winning number. The progressive jackpot is paid out to a player who receives the same number five times in a row. The player must be a Real Account holder to win the progressive jackpot.

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