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Heads or Tails now available in the casino

The result of a coin toss has for hundreds of years been used to split decisions over national political power right down to who sits in the front car seat.

It is the simplicity that makes one flip of a coin so unique yet captivating at the same time and now, at last, it is available as Betfair Heads or Tails for you to play in the online casino.

Betfair's Heads or Tails game is as simple as they come and offers a chance for people of all skill levels the opportunity to win big money on the flip of a coin.

You can play the straightforward flip, where you use the up and down arrow keys to set your wager, choose your side and then see the results; or you can go for successive flips and increase your potential pay out.

Of course, not even the most dedicated Betfair Heads or Tails gamer can ever work out a system for this 50/50 game of chance but for some getting into a routine helps make those important 'heads or tails' decisions, which is why Betfair offer a handy toolbar on screen showing your previous six flips.

What's good about Betfair Heads or Tails is that you can combine flips such as correctly predicting the outcome of three coins in succession or play the double flip (2 Coin Pay) that sees two coins tossed at the same time.

Naturally, playing more coins increases the odds and your potential pay out but be careful, for one mistaken prediction and you're out.

Not that you won't be prepared for this, for the charm of Betfair Heads or Tails is that it is a game of absolute chance and you are just as equally as likely to win the next hand as you were the one previous.

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