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We Love Video Poker! Here's Why!

We Love  Video Poker! Here's Why!

No doubt, poker's popularity and appeal among card game players worldwide has truly skyrocketed in recent years, thanks in large part to the plethora of poker tournaments staged by the world's leading poker organizations such as the World Poker Tour or the WPT and the WSOP (World Series of Poker). Add to this as well as the marked improvement in gameplay and ease of access to various online casinos offering huge online jackpots to those who emerge as triumphant winners and you've snagged the attention . Interest in the poker world is still currently at a high, especially with recent conclusion of the final WSOP event at the start of this month. The final tournament completed the nine-man cast who will compete for poker's biggest prize on November 4, 2013, the so-called November Nine!

Nine people, considered by pundits as the very best among the world's poker players, will sit at the Final Table with the winner of the WSOP Main Event, crowned as the World Champion of Poker, walking away with over $8 million dollars in cool cash. JC Tran is the chip leader and favorite to win it all, heading into final table, with over 30,000,000 chips to his name. The next three players are only separated by less than 5,000,000 in chips so the Main Event certainly promises an exciting, action packed finale meant to be one for the books!

While a great number of people still prefer the experience of playing in a real-life brick-and-mortar casino, a lot of avid poker players and fans are recently discovering another avenue with which to channel their interest in the game of poker. Yes, folks we're talking about the wildly-entertaining and enjoyable game of video poker!

We Love  Video Poker! Here's Why!

According to one of the best video poker websites,, "it combines the thrill of the slot machine and the strategy of poker and is one of the most popular games offered at any online casino" It doesn't matter whether a player is a poker pro or an occasional poker player who only plays the game when friend get together for a scheduled 'poker night' or how big (or in some instances, how small) your bankroll is, there is a definitive video poker experience waiting for you. Video poker's history goes back a long way, way back to the times of the heyday of the earliest slot machines and rise of the BoardWalk Empire days of gaming. Most of today's online casinos readily offer over a dozen different ways on how people can enjoy the game, taking "the accumulated knowledge from hundreds of casino floors and distills it into the best player experience available". It has often been remarked by casino patrons and poker fans who have tried their hand out at the game that when you play online video poker, what you're getting is something that is actually akin to that of the real Vegas experience, and in some cases, sometimes one that's even better.

One of the things that video poker has going for it is that video poker games often have a larger payout as compared to the payouts you can expect from a regular casino. This is attributed to the fact that online casinos often have a lower overhead when compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts and thus have to work doubly hard to keep their patrons while attracting new players in the process. This is an advantage that video poker games often use to entice new players and keep their online clientele interested , aside from offering a better selection of more games for video poker players to choose from. Game reviews about various video poker games have been positive and this is a positive sign that the game's popularity and appeal will only grow with the passing of time.

Toss in the fact that the rules and strategy for video poker are also fairly simple - simply try and build the best possible hands using the cards dealt to you and that of the rest of the deck and voila!, you're on your way to playing video poker. Take All-American Poker for example, which is offered at almost all online casinos and one which old school video poker players are no doubt familiar with. The game is so easy, just receive the five cards dealt by the dealer, choose which ones you wish to retain, click the deal button to receive your final hand. If you receive a pair of jacks or better then you win that hand, nothing could be simpler! The craze about video pokers shows no signs of dying down anytime soon, in fact it only seems to be growing with time. We'll be here with you to cheer you along on the ride. Keep on playing one and all!

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